26 July 2010

The Best Roast Beef Ever

Last week I thawed a rump roast, grass fed, purchased from Whole Foods some weeks ago. I grew up on a ranch on grass fed beef and now it's the "thing". At any rate, I wanted to make a nice dish and am a bit bored with the traditional slow-cooked roast beef of my traditional upbringing. Additionally, we have great neighbors who are regularly willing guinea pigs to my curiosity with new dishes (even such that they would eat stew in the heat of an Iowa Summer!). At 4:30pm on the day of our dinner, I found a recipe on my new favorite site: simplyrecipes.com(any website with a "Gluten Free" section is a favorite!) and began the process of preparing my treasured beef via the instructions of Carbonnade Beef & Beer Stew.Carbonnade: Beef and Beer Stew While there a few improvisions, I followed this recipe pretty much to the "t" (a rare thing in my kitchen). I used baked in olive oil and sea salt, Ore Ida fries instead of noodles or potatoes and this sealed this great deal.

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